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Cutting and Sewing Services in Los Angeles

We are a garment and clothing manufacturer in Los Angeles. ... on clothing manufacturing including marking, grading, cutting, and sewing so your clothing ... and materials ready, we offer competitive rates, speed to market, and low minimums.

Allow us to create new design concepts for you or to recreating existing styles!

From new design concepts to recreating existing styles, Apparel Branders has the ability and capacity to meet your cut & sew needs in our Los Angeles & Gardena Factory. We have manufacturing facilities locally as well as a "maquiladora" operation in Mexico and multiple overseas locations that specialize in apparel manufacturing. Whether you need a few samples or large production run, we can provide the highest quality product while working with budget and sourcing requirements.

Cutting services:

Highly dedicated trained cutters which are assigned to each individual project will be in contact with your representative throughout the process. Our experienced pattern makers can create your first pattern from a sample garment, picture or rough sketch. We can also make alterations to existing patterns or digitized data. We are able to provide clients with pattern grading, working from the original pattern, and grading all sizes to your specifications. We will proportionally increase or decrease the size of your pattern to produce a range of sizes while maintaining the shape, fit, balance, and scale of style details. In addition, our marker makers will layout the cut of the style to optimal fabric usage and reduce waste. We take consideration of proper shrinkage while keeping grain lines and matching stripes aligned properly. Approved markers are then digitally plotted to provide you with additional control over your cutting. Our cutting room places the plotted markers on top of the layers of fabric and cuts the pieces with careful consideration of pattern specifications.

Sewing services:

Apparel Branders Inc. sewing department specializes in apparel manufacturing. Every stage of garment construction is meticulously assembled, closely supervised and must comply with strict quality guidelines. Our quality control system is designed to yield a defect-free garment that matches your exact specifications. We have a variety of machines and techniques to accommodate many different types of sewing operations.

Some of the most common are:

  • Single needle
  • Double-needle
  • Safety stitch
  • Automatic meter
  • Automatic multi-stitch
  • Loop tacker
  • Pocket Welt
  • Keyhole buttonhole
  • Automatic button sewer
  • Round eyelet

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