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Methods of Dyeing | Different Dyeing Methods | Direct Dyeing | Stock Dyeing | Yarn Dyeing | Piece Dyeing | Garment Dyeing

Methods of Dyeing

Colour is applied to fabric by different methods of dyeing for different types of fiber and at different stages of the textile production process. Dyeing can be done during any stage in the textile manufacturing process. Textiles may be dyed as fiber, as yarn, as fabric, as garments, depending upon the type of the fabric or garment being produced.

These methods include: 

  1. Direct dyeing; 
  2. Stock dyeing; 
  3. Top dyeing; 
  4. Yarn dyeing; 
  5. Piece dyeing; 
  6. Garment dyeing 
  7. Solution pigmenting or dope dyeing etc. 

Of these Direct dyeing and Yarn Dyeing methods are the most popular ones.