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Pattern, Grading & markers

Here at In La Apparel, we have years of experience in many areas of custom private label apparel. We work one on one with your designer to create patterns and markers that are production-friendly. In addition, our pattern makers specialize in fabric utilization for markers and layouts. Our in-depth system determines fabric length and calculates the yards and meters in an instant. All patterns and markers are created in our computer systems with the leading pattern-making soft-wear for increased accuracy, easy modification, and quick access. We utilize one of the leading computer systems in the apparel industry in the United States and take advantage of instant transfer of patterns.

 Offering computerized pattern, grading, marker services, samples, and production.In La Apparel is dedicated to satisfying our customer needs in every aspect of the business. We can satisfy all your patterns, grading, markers, samples, and production needs with our dedication to customer service, dependability, and accuracy.

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